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July 5, 2015

Tkank you, O my Almighty Allah. When my wife phoned to me and told that she is pregnent, I was excited and happy. After a longtime, almost 9 years, we have a very good news. Alhamdulillah. May Allah help and bless us.

Today  we went to Hospital. Doctor examined my wife and said, congtatilations, your wife conceive baby.5 weeks going. After two weeks later we will see baby’s heart beat.Alhamdulillah to heard this news.

Today I have selected a good baby name for my child who is coming to our family. If my baby is a girl then her name will be
Mahia Khan

Meaning of Mahia:

Mahia is a Quranic name for girls that means “life” and “earth”, a person’s lifetime or the place they lived in. It is directly mentioned in the Quran, such as in 6:162:

Alhamdulillah Doctor told us everything is going well. The possible date of our baby’s birth will 26/2/2016.

Today doctor showed us the baby’s heart beat image as echo.I was wondering to see that. Doctor tokd us baby is in well in shape. Doctor gave some test.

I was afraid to know that when my wife told me, today she had some bleedong. O my Allah, please save my baby. I advised her to visit doctor immediately.

We visited docror today. It was a nice day for us. Doctor told us baby is in good condition. Thanks to Allah who blessing us so. Doctor told us baby may be a girl. I was so excited to heard this news. But he did not confirmed us. I am praying to almighty Allah to give us a girl baby.

I went to super market to bought some dress for my coming baby. Feel happy to bought those dress.

Today doctor informed us that our baby may be a girl. Wow, such a great news of my life.Thanks almighty Allah WHO gives me such a wonderful gift as my cute daughter. I will call her Mahiya. Her full name will be Mahiya Khan. We are waiting for her come to this beaitiful world.



We are surprised again to heard this news. Doctor told us, the baby is a boy. My wife is very happy to heard this news. Thanks almighty GOD for this new news. Actually this time any one is OK for us. I specially expect a girl baby but my wife wants a boy. Almighty GOD listen to my wife. Her happiness is my happiness. Now I am thinking a good name for my baby boy. 😀


Yesderday my wife visit to hospotal. Doctor told that baby’s weight is about 4.5 kg which is higher than expected. We are little bit worried to heard this information. Praying to almighty Allah for my baby. My elder son give the baby’s name Maheed Khan. We are waiting to see our baby to come safely on next week by the grace of almighty Allah.


Today my wife admitted into hospital. Tomorrow, Insha Allah baby will born. Praying to almighty Allah for my baby’s safe birth. My wife’s bed is in 3rd floor. Room no. 360. The room is very nice. We like it. Hospital service is excellent.


Cabin number


Alhamduillah My baby boy is born arround 10:02 am. He looks cute. I touched him and taken him into my arm.
It was a heavenly feeling to touch him. Thanks to almighty Allah for his safe birth. May be his name will be Mahi Khan or Maheed Khan. We will finalize his name later.
Weight: 8.6 pounds/3.89 kg
Length: 52.0 cm./20.47 inches
Both mother and baby are doing great.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, our baby is going to release soon from the hospital today. We are preparing now to go home. We feel much happy to return home.